For 50 years, Metalúrgica Manzato has been based on a commitment to ethics and excellence.

Pioneer in the manufacture of self-drilling screws, we also manufacture special fasteners.

This diversity offers our customers strategic advantages:

       - Certified Quality  

       - Practicality in the application

       - Fast delivery

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and supplying special parts, using advanced specialized manufacturing features. 

With continued investment in expanding manufacturing capacity and introducing new technologies, we have strengthened our experience to meet market demands.

BUSINESS: Design, Manufacture of Screws, Fixing Elements and Special Parts.

MISSION: To commercialize the products with quality, seeking for the satisfaction of the Stakeholders . Specialized team presenting efficient solutions with excellence in service and always respecting the requested deadlines.

VISION: To be a reference in the line of fixation, offering solutions to the market with innovative projects.  

VALUES:   Commitment to the Stakeholders
                 Quality in products                 
                 Agility in costumer service                  
                 Ethics and responsibility                   


QUALITY POLICY: To satisfy the needs and expectations of the Stakeholders by complying with the applicable, regulatory and statutory requirements.

Provide fastening elements, screws and special parts, focusing on continuous improvement of processes, ethics in relations and competent management for perpetuation of the business.

Business, Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy were born with the certainty that when you purchase a MANZATO product, you will be receiving the final result of a process guided by technology and quality.

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Founded by the entrepreneur and visionary Rodolfo Manzato – along with Amerigo, his oldest son. The company started its activities with the machining of auto parts and fasteners for roofs.


With the constant growth of the company in the 80s, Manzato focused exclusively to manufacture screws (UNC, UNF, Metric and self-tapping). Then, a long cycle of trips abroad for new product research, equipment purchase and development of production processes began to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.


Launching of self-drilling screw. The product, developed with national technology, soon became a success, considering that until that year the market depended solely on imports.


Achievement of ISO 9001.


Development of surface treatment called Aluseal Super, which gives greater durability and corrosion resistance to the self-drilling screws.


Inauguration of the new unit in São Paulo - SP, which improved customer service and logistics with the other regions of Brazil.


Launching of Duometal Line, stainless steel self-drilling screws with high corrosion resistance and excellent drilling performance, special for construction.


Installation of new equipment in the manufacturing area and expansion of the commercial area into a new and modern space.


Achievement of the Outstanding Competitiveness Award delivered by the client Marcopolo S/A.


Recertification of ISO 9001 - 2015.

Located since its founding in Caxias do Sul, Manzato always concentrated efforts on the quality of its products. It was one of the first companies in the region to achieve ISO 9001 certification.

This search for quality is the result of excellence from their team of employees and productive processes that resulted in the development of innovative solutions such as Aluseal Super corrosion resistant coating, the Inoxcap screws, the Duometal fasteners with its stainless steel body and head and the special products line, manufactured according to customers’ requirements and specifications.

Manzato product line undergoes a rigorous systems of tests and rigid inspection control. The process begins from assessing the quality of the raw material by Optical Emission Spectrometer. Then, passing through the Metalographic Microscope, which analyzes the structure of the samples. The corrosion chamber tests – Salt Spray, Kesternich and UVA Test –at the final phase, complement the processes used by Manzato’s quality control, ensuring that the customers will receive the best product in the market.

Seeking to continuously maintain the profile of an innovative company, Manzato always invested in acquisitions of new equipment for its plant. We highlight new cold forming machines for the production of special products, continuous heat treatment line, fully computerized and two to seven stations machine to produce special parts increasingly sophisticated.

Besides all these innovations, the company has its own tooling industry, ensuring complete control of the project and making the process much faster.

Manzato has always cared for the environment and processes, aimed at sustainability. Being aware of its social responsibility, the company replaced the electroplating process for organometallic coatings in its products.

Metalúrgica Manzato restricts the use of hazardous substances in its products, complying with the RoHS Directive.

It also invested in state-of-the-art ECODE equipment and filters for recycling oils and cleaning waste, thus making the wastewater hundred percent reusable.